Introducing Posh Holdings, a team of passionate, focused, fearless, creative professionals who have earned their strips from creating first time projects and delivered on numerous projects throughout South Africa, Nigeria, and the United States.

Yes, our team is fabulous, but we have also lived through the many valleys of life which has attributed to our growth and most importantly our personal mastery.

Personal mastery is at the heart of our relationships with our clients. We walk the path together understanding that we all have areas of strength and stretch areas where we can grow. We support our clients with 1-on-1 or group coaching and mentoring sessions. Along with professional advisory services in business management, stakeholder, and communications.

Our team has taken the time to share, a few words of wisdom as we all experience the constant change, we now find ourselves in:

1: Change is an opportunity to discovery what really resonates with you and to develop a plan on how to make this a reality for your everyday life,

2: There comes a time when you have to define for yourself your own vision for your life if you truly want to be fulfilled,

3: Surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you in the right way. Helping you to grow as you discover your personal mastery journey.

4: You do not have to know everything and admit when you do not know.

5: Listen to your voice inside, it is meant to help guide you. This wisdom will help you know when to use your head or your heart.

Our team is ready to discuss the vision you have to  attain personal mastery in your  business or personal life. 

Alecia Maifadi

Chief Executive Officer


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