Are you a seasoned, new, accidental or occasional project manager?

Is your focus on technical capabilities, driving processes, co-ordinating and problem solving?

You may find yourself driven to hit every milestone. Focused on technical capabilities, driving processes, co-ordinating and problem solving all in a hope to reduce the occurrence of a risk which could ruin a stakeholder relationship.

Technical project managers are necessary but what happens when organisations shift to project leaders or have dual roles? Where does this transition leave you?

Project Leader or Project Manager

Project leaders embody some of these attributes:

  • Strategy driven
  • Risk-taker who encourages and motivates for innovation
  • Understands how to collaborate with diverse teams
  • Motives the team to align strategically to the organisation’s vision and/or client’s objectives
  • Understands how to communicate across the team, organisation and stakeholders
  • Thinks ahead to support continued improvement and create business value

Project Managers focus on:

  • Problem solving
  • Technical aspects
  • Process driven
  • Avoiding risk
  • Co-ordinating tasks, team resources and logistical issues
  • Following the activity schedule
  • Delivering what is required on the project

Embrace the change

Project delivery is quickly moving towards leading rather than directing teams.

‘Millennials’ or ‘Genteration Y’ make up teams. Gone are the days of ‘command and control’ a team by allocating tasks to be completed. They thrive on innovation to work collaboratively. Working with purpose and a willingness to contribute to projects when they understand why and its intended impact becomes the priority.

A new opportunity is presenting to deliver projects in a new way.

Embrace the change. This willingness will ultimately lead teams to project success. Leadership alone will not support this change. Collaborative tools are part of the solution to support the change.

Making the shift from a project manager to a project leader is one of the fastest moving trends in project management.

Where do you find yourself? How do you make the shift from Project Manager to Project Leader?

Alecia Maifadi (BA, PMP, CCP) 

Chief Executive Officer 

Project Management Professional I Credentialed Coach

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